Medical Piercings

Due to recent unavoidable staff cuts we are no longer offering medical piercings

Are you looking for a natural holistic solution to relieve your migraine headaches,  or an aid to assist you to stop smoking?  Or perhaps you require a natural solution for appetite control?
We have the key to resolving your problem.


There has been a definitive global move and a growing appreciation toward one of the most ancient forms of natural and holistic healing methods.  At the same time, there has been a massive shift and trend in society towards piercing of different parts of the body.  You may be wondering how these two correlate?
The evidence presented may surprise you – read on…

With one of the most impressive track records of any healing method, acupuncture practices are spreading across the globe.  In fact, each year, increasing research is being done regarding the effects and benefits of acupuncture and piercings of the human body and the endless health benefits it can provide.


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