Lip Procedures

Are you experiencing smudging, lipstick bleed and find you need to re-apply your lipstick throughout the day?  We have the perfect solution for you!


From a simple lip contour or natural lip blush all the way through to vibrant full colour lips – you choose.  This procedure offers additional definition and fullness without the need for painful fillers.


As we age, lips tend to lack a definitive contour and colour and volume may diminish dramatically. The lip procedures make a natural and beautiful difference toward restoring definition or cleverly creating fullness and added colour to the lips.  Using my advanced blending and shading techniques, we add radiance or an everyday makeup appearance. Restore symmetry, balance and youthfulness with this popular treatment.

Give your lips that vibrant ‘fresh lip’ look all day – every day!

Benefits of lip enhancement procedures

The lip enhancement procedures can dramatically:-

  • Restore the shape and natural blush colour of lips
  • Add fullness and volume
  • Correct asymmetrical lip shapes
  • Restore definition and contour
  • Recreate your favourite lip colour
  • Correct cleft lip or lip scars caused by cold sores, burns, vitiligo etc
Lipline Contour

The lip contour blush procedure will softly define the natural lip contour and a soft seamless blush of colour to create ultra natural looking lips. A soft, natural and discrete enhancement which provides subtle, smooth volume.

Natural Full Lip Blush

The Natural Full Lip Blush procedure suits clients wishing to revive the lips by adding a more defined contour, fullness and volume.  The Natural Full Lip Blush procedure incorporates a subtle or perfectly defined smooth lipline contour enhancement (as described above) but adds an additional delicate flush of colour to the body of the lips. Colours may be matched as close as possible to your natural lip colour or you may prefer soft ombre shades of colour. This popular result is suitable for all ages, genders and skin tones, and appears similar to wearing a subtle, soft gloss/lipstick shade.

Full Lip Colour

This frequently requested lip enhancement procedure is ideal for for those of us who love to wear lipstick every day.  Youthful, fuller lips can be successfully achieved using the ombre techniques.  Our advanced artistry skills will define the lips by blending the new lip colour of your choice flawlessly across your lips to add fullness, volume, definition and long lasting elegant colour

The Procedure

During the in-depth consultation prior to the procedure, the lip shape, colour tone, your personality and face shape will be assessed.  Based on your needs and specific requirements I will use my advanced artistic skills to design an elegant, complimentary lip enhancement which you will visualise.  Once you approve the pencil design, I will then carefully place the pigment colours commencing with the outer lip contour, using state-of-the-art electronic precision equipment. Numbing agents are used prior to and during the procedure to ensure your comfort throughout.  An aftercare gift bag is included containing important post-care information, which will be explained in detail and a healing balm to be applied for 7 - 10 days post-procedure.  Finally, your 6 - 8 week follow-up perfection visit will be scheduled at this time.

After 10 days - simply apply your favourite gloss and you’re good to go! 

Colour Guides

Permablend Lip Color Guide 



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