Tattoo Removal

The tattoo that seemed like a good idea at the time, is frequently becoming a problem and can even cause embarrassment in later life. 

As a twice-certified removal specialist, we use the latest products and techniques to achieve an effective and neutralised end result.  Currently, the there are a number of effective tattoo removal options.  Most methods involve chemical extraction removal products, which use specific organic and/or inorganic chemicals – each with its own extraction protocols. 

There are a variety of products available which, in short, is applied in a similar method to the original tattoo and is essentially designed to draw the tattoo pigment/ink out of the skin – ultimately removing the unwanted tattoo over a period of two to six months.  The treatments are usually repeated over 3 to 5 treatments, spaced at six to eight week intervals – depending on the individual condition, size and saturation of the original tattoo.  These tattoo removal methods are better suited to smallish tattoos.  Unwanted permanent makeup is usually removed in one or two sessions.

This form of tattoo removal is highly effective and usually leaves minimal scarring (if any) and is a more cost effective solution to laser, which may ‘read’ (and therefore remove only) limited colours or surgical removal – which will usually leave scars.

As with all of our procedures, in-depth home care instructions will be given.  All removal treatments will include specific healing protocols which need to be strictly followed in order to deliver the best possible end result.  Your safety, the health of your skin and a satisfactory end result are our primary focus – regretfully we cannot take on any removal work which could compromise any of these. Tattoo removal is not an exact science – assessments and our best advice will be given at consultations, which precede every procedure.

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