Areola Simulation

Areola Simulation Pigmentation falls under the genre Medical Tattooing.

We use various advanced techniques to create the most natural areola and nipples, complete with montgomery glands, shadows and even blood vessels – no matter how flat the canvas presents.  Your family and friends will never notice any difference!

Areola Pigmentation and simulation

Restores the areola and nipple area of the breast.  Where no nipple exists, a natural-looking 3D effect can be achieved with specialised techniques, shading and colour application.  Irregular, disproportionate and fading areolas may similarly be treated – delivering an ultra successful and natural result.  It is particularly rewarding for us to restore femininity and confidence for many brave cancer survivors.  

The Areola simulation is not limited only to women – men may also opt to have this natural looking treatment performed, especially post surgery.

Areola Colour Guides

Download our Areola Colour Guide


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