Lynn McLachlan Page

I was a bit nervous about having these procedures done (permanent eyebrows) as I had never done anything like this before. But with the professionalism and respectful care, shown to me by Gwendoline, both this procedure and the CIT proved to be very pleasant experiences, with absolutely no pain during, and very little discomfort for a few days after, while waiting for the healing to take place. The results were 100% well worth the wait! Gwendoline talked me through it, and explained everything as we went along, and she made me feel very relaxed.

A few months down the line, my eyebrows look better than they have ever looked in my life. I feel younger and my eyes look so much brighter. My skin is feeling rejuvenated and fresh since I had the Collagen Induction Therapy. A few days wearing no make-up while healing was so well worth it, for the long-term result.

Thank you very much Gwendoline!

Lynn McLachlan Page



Good morning Gwendoline 👏🏻
Thank you for your expertise. My eyeliner and my brows are So amazing . I’m at the seaside now. And don’t have to wear a scrap of makeup! what a treat! It was so good to be in a warm friendly environment . Your clean sterile studio and your phenomenal qualifications put me at ease to totally enjoy my pain free experience, my results speak for themselves.

Thanks once again
Fond regards


Georgina M Operations Director

My high social life that I have to retain because of my current job, made me look at my appearance in a different way altogether. And because of Gwendoline’s superbly professional and accurate artistry, my brows and eye lids look spectacular. They have added extraordinary value to my appearance and my life.

The relaxed environment, the undeniable patience that Gwendoline has makes it an incredible experience when it comes to permanent make-up. Especially when ones nerves are at the end of their tether. The entire procedure was painless and faultless.

The gratitude I have and the respect I have attained for Gwendoline’s ability to create beauty and with such precision, is testament to the fact that she is ultimately by far the best permanent make-up artist around.

Thank you. You have changed my life forever.

I wouldn’t even consider going to anybody else, even if you moved across the ocean. I would fly across the universe to get to you if I had to.

Georgina M Operations Director


Jacqui R – Johannesburg

Regarding my permanent make-up …. well I could not be happier with the final results. I am not going to lie to you, my lips took a bit of time to heal (swelling and tenderness) HOWEVER, the result is amazing.

I absolutely LOVE my lips (they were always my priority) yet in the past never quite made the impression I wanted, that is until now! Any discomfort experienced during the healing process was definitely worth every minute, I am so pleased with the final result, thank you so very much for persevering and doing such a wonderful job on them. As to my eyes, the white touch on my eyeliner definitely makes a statement and of course my eyeliner and eyebrows were done with expert attention and as such they look fantastic.

Thank you for the perfect result, your meticulous and professional service is highly recommended!

Jacqui R – Johannesburg


Paola / Catherine – Johannesburg

Today you revolutionized my mum’s life by giving her the most magnificent eyebrows and confidence! From the minute I purchased the voucher from you, you have been so professional, honest and utterly delightful.

When we came in today I was so impressed with the professionalism, hygiene, total sterility and the warmth and knowledge that you imparted to us. You explained everything in so much detail, and my mum had NO PAIN!!! We are both beyond thrilled with the results and it is a life changing moment for my mum- she could not stop staring at herself in the mirror the whole car ride home:-)

You are a true artist! Thank you so much Gwendoline.

I welcome anyone to call me.

Paola / Catherine – Johannesburg



I had been considering permanent eyeliner for a while, but was concerned that I wouldn’t like the result and I’d be stuck with something that I didn’t like. I eventually decided to take the plunge with Gwen – it was the best decision that I’ve ever made!! I LOVE the result!! I hate putting make up on (especially eyeliner because I end up having to take half of what I’ve put on off), so it is amazing to wake up every morning and not have to spend ages doing my make up, to look my best!

Gwen is very professional – her gentle nature immediately put mw at ease, and I realised that I wase in very capable hands. Gwen started by asking me what I would like my eyeliner to look like – she showed me a few examples from her portfolio so that I could confirm exactly what I would like the end product to look like. She explained exactly what she was going to do before starting, and ensured that I was aware that all of her equipment is sterile. She then applied an anaesthetic and waited for it to “take” before commencing. She also ensured that I was feeling no pain throughout the procedure.

I went back a few months later for a touch up. Because I felt so comfortable in Gwen’s capable hands, I decided to be a little adventurous and asked her to do something a little different. I absolutely love the end result and would not change a thing about it – it looks gorgeous!

Gwen’s work is nothing short of exceptional and I will recommend her to anyone over and over again. Thanks so much Gwen for helping me always look my best, with no to little effort involved!!

Lots of love



Dr Jolandi Van Tonder

Dear Gwendoline
Firstly, I wish to take this opportunity to extend a very sincere sentiment of gratitude for the excellent permanent makeup you have performed on my eyes.As a female medical doctor, I was bit reluctant about the various aspects of permanent make-up, especially around the sensitive areas of the eyes.

Some of my concerns were regarding sterility, procedure, after care, success of procedure and most of all, the aesthetic appeal.I must emphatically state that you were extremely methodical and displayed an exceptionally high level of professionalism. From the onset, you made me feel comfortable, relaxed and your continual caring nature greatly placed me at ease.

Prior to the actual procedure commencing, you took great care and effort in explaining and showing me the sterility of your equipment and the steps of the procedure. I was relieved and much more convinced that I was in capable hands.Post procedure, my only regret was not soliciting your impeccable services sooner. My eyes look natural and beautiful, better late than never.

I really am very satisfied and truly appreciate your post procedure after care services and your thorough follow up calls.

Once again, I thank you very much for your outstanding work and shall certainly recommend your highly skilled talent to all my friends and associates. I’ve had so many great compliments from them. I wish you every success in your future endeavours and shall always thank you for creating such an awe-inspiring change in me. Should you have any queries please e-mail me and I will gladly answer any questions or concerns that you might have.

Warmest regards

Dr Jolandi Van Tonder
MBCHB (Medunsa)
South Africa



My first encounter behind the brand was delightful. Not knowing that I had been communicating with Gwendoline herself, I was welcomed into her studio with open arms.

Being skeptical of the procedure at first, I was reassured that everything was going to be okay and each step was explained to me as we proceeded. Microblading is most definitely painless, the healing process thereafter can feel long at times but watching my eyebrows heal and resemble hair like strokes to shape my eyebrows was fascinating.

I was so happy with the result, touching up was half the appointment time and seeing the refined result left me oozing with brow confidence. I would most definitely recommend Permanent Make-Up By Gwendoline to anyone looking for a quality service at the most reasonable price.


Love, Semone



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