The PMUbyG Experience – what to expect before, during and after your permanent procedure

In order for clients to feel completely at ease and to know that you are in trusted and experienced hands, we would like to give you this valuable information regarding what to expect before, during and after your permanent makeup procedure.




After a warm welcome to our elegant studio (see pics below), you will be ushered to our waiting area to complete the required paperwork (contact info, medical  disclosure, consent and indemnity) for insurance purposes. This will give us the information to enable us to keep your safety front of mind.  A thorough consultation precedes every single procedure.  During this time, we will listen intently to your required outcome so that we have a full understanding – which will enable us to deliver accordingly.  At this time, based on your requirement, we will assess and share our best advice based on our extensive experience regarding what permanent makeup is realistically able to deliver.  Suitable colours, shapes, design options will all be discussed and decided upon together. You will see first hand all sealed sterile needle cartridges (or microblades), equipment, utensils, implements and topicals that will be used during the course of your treatment.  A full A-Z description of your chosen procedure will be discussed and explained in detail.  Should you feel uncomfortable at any stage, the treatment will either be cancelled or deferred to a later date. This is your face after all – and mutual trust and understanding are essential elements prior to commencing.  Please take a moment to read our Important Pre-Procedure Information


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Your safety is and always will be our top priority, followed by your comfort throughout the procedure.  After thoroughly cleansing the area to be treated, the relevant anaesthetic protocol will be applied. At PMUbyG, we use only the very best safe topical anaesthetics and extreme caution is exercised throughout. Cost is not a consideration for pain control, as pain would cause unnecessary swelling and bruising.

Action shot performing scalp pigmentation

The topical anaesthetic cream will remain in place for around 20 minutes before commencing the selected treatment.  Using a cosmetic pencil, we first draw an elegantly designed outline and let you visualise your best shape.  Every design is unique and will be adapted to suit each client’s individual facial features, taking into account bone structure, natural symmetry/asymmetry, personality and desired end result.  On your approval, we will then carefully and gently place the pigment colour/s layer by layer, using computerised precision equipment – slowly building up an elegant design that looks authentic, natural and flawlessly you!
After the ‘first pass’, a secondary topical anaesthetic gel is applied to further ensure a painless and pleasantly tolerated treatment is experienced.  Finally, we will check for an even colour saturation and perfect symmetry has been achieved, before handing you the mirror.


The final step is a complimentary ‘cooling and soothing’ pamper treatment.  A durable barrier cream is then applied and the particular aftercare protocols are explained in detail.  Extreme caution needs to be exercised for the following 10 to 21 days in order to achieve a great healed result.  You will be handed an organza gift bag containing everything required to take care of your newly applied permanent makeup.  Before leaving, your 6-week follow up treatment will be booked.  We are always available to address any concerns or answer any questions that may arise during the healing process and encourage our clients to contact us first.  We are confident that you will become part of our family of clients who refer us unreservedly to your friends and colleagues.
Post Procedure Instructions and Advice

Gwendoline Johnston certificates

In closing, we at Permanent Makeup by Gwendoline are proud of our numerous internationally recognised certifications and our BBP (Bloodborne Pathogen) certifications are renewed annually.  This gives our clients great peace of mind while we provide a trusted name along with over 18 years of experience within the vibrant and ever-evolving world of permanent makeup!

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