Sixty Plus and Permanent Makeup

Okay – so I’m sixty+ and I would love to have permanent makeup done but I’ve heard to many contradicting reports!  How do I know whether the makeup will suit me, and I take a medicine chest of medications every day – will that affect my makeup outcome?  So many questions in a sea of uncertainty….

This post was written especially for the more mature client who would like to safely enhance her appearance without looking foolish or worse still, plain ridiculous.

The truth is that many senior citizens experience uncontrollable shaking hands the comes with parkinson’s disease and many more are sight impaired.  This sadly prevents these beauties from being able to look their best as they simply throw their pencils away and sadly give up trying.

Gone are the days of dreary old grannies sitting in the corner knitting – these days our aged communities are active and have a fabulous and positive zest for life attitude!

We have such good news for you Darling!  At Permanent Makeup by Gwendoline we specialise in all forms of permanent makeup and have been doing treatments at an advanced level for the past 18 years.  We specialise in natural looking makeup.  Here are some frequently asked questions regarding doing makeup for the 60+ category.

Q:     Will permanent makeup suit me even if I have grey hair (and brows)?

Healed soft eyebrows

A:     At PMUbyGwendoline, we stock a wonderful soft range of colours to suit all skin tones and shades of hair.  As the inevitable lines start to form on one’s face, we need to keep all the colours used really soft so as to minimise the appearance of these lines. Instead, channel the focus on the soft beautiful colours of the lips, brows and eyes – which in turn will reflect one’s true beauty – from within.  Soft taupe tones will gently blend into greying eyebrows and will deliver the appearance of fuller brows – even when there’s very little natural hair remaining.



Q:     I take loads of medication on a daily basis – will this affect my outcome?

A:     The truth is that certain medications can affect the outcome of your chosen permanent makeup procedure. For a rough guide to prohibited meds, please click HERE.  The good news is that in many cases, we are able to proceed provided you bring us a doctor or specialist note giving you permission to proceed.  Most permanent makeup procedures are 2-part treatments – meaning that one refinement session will be required to ensure a lovely end result.  Any anomalies or imperfections are addressed and corrected at the second appointment.

Q:     How do I know the shape and/or style will age well over time?

Full lip treatment

A:     Fact is that very few girls can carry off the dark-haired Kardashian beauty look – especially as the years march on. Adding a soft muted pop of colour just above the lash area truly adds an interest and a wonderful sparkle to the eyes.  Keeping brow shapes as close to your natural brow bone as possible will never become outdated.  While a pretty pearly-pink or soft apricot will replace the lost definition of your lips while giving you the freedom to be you – without needing to fix your lipstick after every meal.  You most certainly can look well-groomed and even resplendent (  Splendid or dazzling in appearance; brilliant or to shine brightly) – even though the years may be creeping (ok, galloping – sometimes) on!

Q:     Is this a tattoo and how much pain is involved?

Soft brows and eyeliners

A:     Yes indeed – permanent makeup is a cosmetic tattoo.  Any time a pigment (colour) is placed in the skin, this falls under the genre of tattoo.  We use the very best imported topical anaesthetics to ensure our clients’ comfort throughout our procedures.  The secondary topical contains a minuscule touch of epi (0.02%) which is a vasoconstrictor – there is therefore no flow of body fluid whatsoever and the client will remain totally relaxed – many clients actually fall asleep during our treatments. Fact!



Q:     Am I too old for permanent makeup?
A:     You are never too old to make the best of your appearance!  

My mother remarried at the tender age of 74.  While she’s not without a few health issues, she’s still really attractive and reasonably active.  We did her eyebrows and of course I did her wedding makeup – she looked fantastic on her wedding day – don’t you agree?  Every woman has at least one stunning feature.  Which part of your face do you usually receive compliments for – your eyes, or perhaps your lips?  Which feature would you like to improve?  Contact us today so that together we can discuss how we can assist you to maximise your own beauty.




Denim powdered eyeliners
Brows and lips










Finish off your REINVENTION with a snazzy new haircut – for inspiration and to see which style may suit you best – click HERE 

Our assistant Bella is just a phone call away and waiting for your call!
We offer free consultations to all clients 60 and over – and 10% off our going rate for permanent makeup procedures (provided you show us your ID – too many 60+ year-olds still look 50!)

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Article written by Gwendoline Johnston

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About the author: 

Gwendoline Johnston owns Permanent Makeup by Gwendoline and practices as a Permanent Make-up Specialist at her studios in Johannesburg. Gwendoline attained her Masters Certification from the American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics in October 2013.  She keeps fully up to date with the latest techniques and trends by obtaining over eighteen certificates  and diplomas both locally in South Africa and internationally – attending Advanced Permanent Makeup training seminars, master classes, conferences and workshops.

Gwendoline’s vast experience attained over the past eighteen years, together with a thorough understanding of skin and colour, has placed her in the confident position to teach, advise and perform in all areas of advanced permanent make-up, including para-medical applications.  Permanent Makeup by Gwendoline is affiliated with local and international Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Specialists and Medical Spa’s.

Throughout my career, I have remained committed to delivering excellence.  I have a deep passion for my craft and genuine care for my clients, which when teamed with the highest level of professionalism, my aim is to deliver unparalleled performance within the vibrant and ever-evolving world of permanent makeup.”

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