12 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Permanent Makeup

At Permanent Makeup by Gwendoline we truly care about each and every client and we strive to deliver our very best to ensure that you look your very best and feel on top of the world when you leave our studios. In order to assist you to feel completely comfortable in making your choice, we give you our honest replies to your FAQ’s.


  •   Does it hurt?
    The highest quality top range imported topical anaesthetic creams and gels are applied before and throughout the procedures to ensure your safety and comfort. Some people feel nothing at all, others feel a vibration or tingling sensation.


  • How is it done?
    Permanent Makeup by Gwendoline uses EU-compliant computerised equipment with       sealed needle cartridges (no back-flow) to implant top quality pigments into the upper dermal layer of the skin – between 0.3mm and 0.8mm just under the skin – depending on the procedure being performed.  A detailed consultation takes place prior to each procedure.


  • Is it safe?
    Safety and sterility are my top priority – clearly displayed by our values and working environment.  We worked with only the very best pigments available on the world market.


  • What can I expect with my first procedure?
    After an in-depth discussion to determine your exact requirements, we will carefully analyse your face shape, specific facial features, bone structure, symmetry, skin tone and hair colour.  We will then suggest complimentary colours to enhance your natural features, focussed on a radiant and youthful end result. We will then create a design to assist you to envisage your ideal end result. Once you are happy with the pencil design, we will continue with the application of your permanent makeup treatment.  Finally, we will discuss the aftercare instructions and schedule your follow-up perfection visit – 6-weeks later.


  • How long does the treatment take?
    Depending on the procedure requested, and to avoid unnecessary irritation to the skin, the actual pigmenting treatment should take no longer than between 20 and 40 minutes. The entire treatment, including topical anaesthetic for 20-minutes, usually lasts around 90 minutes.  Our priority is you and we are focussed on providing each client with our uninterrupted attention with comfortable time allowed. We usually set aside 2 hours for each procedure.


  • How long will my permanent makeup last?
    From 1 to several years – depending on the procedure performed.  Cosmetic tattoo is never an exact science.  Each client’s skin type and body chemistry are unique and outdoor habits differ from person to person. Our clients will typically refresh their permanent makeup every 1 to 8 years. Should the colours fade, re-pigmenting is possible at any time to refresh the colour/s.


  • Which colours are used?
    All the pigments used at PMUbyG have been exclusively developed for permanent make-up with an impressive 50 year track record – a long period of intensive and rigorous research lies behind these products. Only high grade concentrated colours can safely guarantee top quality pigmenting for permanent make-up. Our pigments are not tested on animals and are organic, hypo-allergenic, certified under the European Union Resap 2008 AND vegan-friendly!   There is a wide range of colours to choose from to suit every individual and desired outcome.


  • What can I anticipate immediately after my procedure?
    Your permanent makeup will appear slightly darker for a while – then the colours will slowly soften by around 30 to 40%% within around 10 to 14 days.  Eyebrow procedures do not produce swelling, however eyeliner and lip procedure clients may anticipate around 2 days of slight puffiness.  There is no downtime for permanent makeup procedures, and any puffiness can easily be reduced with regular application of ice packs.  The aftercare will be discussed in depth after your procedure and is printed on the post-treatment care leaflet contained in your organza home-care gift bag.  Depending on the procedure performed, your gift bag may include a healing balm.


  • What to avoid immediately after my procedure?
    For at least 3 weeks after your procedure, avoid sunbathing (including sun beds), sweating, full-force showers and swimming, as excessive water will reduce the tincture intensity of the pigment. Keep cleansers, face creams and any foreign matter away from the immediate areas for at least 2 weeks.  For eyeliner treatments, when you resume your makeup routine after 10 days, please buy a new mascara.  Please treat the area as gently as possible, avoid anything that could cause contamination and remember to pop a clean pillowcase onto your pillows.


  • Can I have permanent makeup done while I am pregnant?
    Sadly, no.  You will however be able to look forward to having your procedure done as soon as you have stopped breastfeeding.


  • What about allergies?
    Allergy testing may be done 10 days prior to undergoing any permanent makeup procedure at the discretion of the client. Allergy testing is highly recommended for allergy-prone clients.


  • What is your cancellation policy?
    Every appointment booked gives you that exclusive time-slot in our diaries.
    Please kindly be respectful of this time allocation.
    Due to demand, please provide 24 hours notice if you wish to cancel an appointment without incurring penalties, in order for clients on the waiting list to benefit.


Please note should you not give at least 24 hours notice, a cancellation fee will be charged as follows:

  • More than 24 hours notice:  zero penalty
  • Less than 24 hours notice:  R1 000.00 penalty will be charged
  • Less than 6 hours notice:  R1500.00 penalty will be charged

If you have any more questions, please pop an email through to us – we would love to hear from you!  

Email:  info@permanentmakeup.co.za    

Landline:  (011) 704-3086

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About the author: 

Gwendoline Johnston owns Permanent Makeup by Gwendoline and practices as a Permanent Make-up Specialist at her studios in Johannesburg.  Gwendoline attained her Master Certification from the  American Institute of Intradermal Cosmetics in October 2013.  She has kept fully up to date with ongoing study in the latest techniques and trends by obtaining over fifteen certificates  and diplomas both locally in South Africa and internationally – attending Advanced Permanent Makeup training seminars, master classes, conferences and workshops.

Gwendoline’s vast experience attained over the past eighteen years, together with a thorough understanding of skin and colour, has placed her in the confident position to teach, advise and perform in all areas of advanced permanent make-up, including para-medical applications.  Permanent Makeup by Gwendoline is affiliated with local and international Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Specialists and Medical Spa’s.

Throughout my career, I have remained committed to delivering excellence.  I have a deep passion for my craft and genuine care for my clients, which when teamed with the highest level of professionalism, my aim is to deliver unparalleled performance within the vibrant and ever-evolving world of permanent makeup.”

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