PermaBlend Pigments Lip Colour Guide

Perma Blend Lip Colour Guide


Both men and women of all ages, lose their natural lip colour either due to genetics, age-related loss of definition or from scarring caused by fever blisters, dog bites, burn or accident victims.  Permanent lip colouring suits busy business women, hectic moms, those with active lifestyles seeking to minimise time spent on reapplying makeup and those that simply want to look their best at all times!


  • Restore the shape and natural colour of lips
  • Adds fullness and volume
  • Correct asymmetrical lip shapes
  • Restore definition
  • Recreate your favourite lip colour
  • Camouflage harelip
  • Lip corrections of old permanent makeup
  • Restore colour (burn victims)
  • Correct lip scars caused by cold sores, etc
  • Ethnic lip corrections

Lip Contour:

The lip contour procedure softly defines the natural lip contour with a blush of colour similar to your natural lip. A soft, natural and discrete contour enhancement which provides a subtle, smooth effect – with added volume. The aim is to ultimately deliver a seamless definition that is virtually undetectable,  Our lip contour clients typically choose ever-popular ‘nude tones’ such as pearly pinks, apricot-peach or muted tawny lip shades.

Full Lip Blush:

The Natural Full Lip Blush, also known as the Ombre Lip Procedure suits clients wishing to revive the lips and add volume.  The Natural Full Lip Blush procedure incorporates a subtle or defined smooth lip contour enhancement (as described above) but adds an additional delicate flush of colour over the body of the lips. Colour may be matched as close as possible to your natural lip colour or you may prefer the new soft shades of flowing colours. This popular result is suitable for all ages, genders and skin tones, and appears similar to wearing a subtle, muted, nude lipstick shade.

Full Lip Colour:

This frequently requested lip enhancement procedure is ideal for for those of us who love to wear lipstick every day.  Youthful, fuller lips can be successfully achieved.  Using advanced artistry skills, we add contour definition of the lips by blending a combination of complimentary lip colours flawlessly across your lips to deliver the illusion of added volume, defined contours and long lasting elegant colour.

Treating lip scars:

A pre-treatment consultation is imperative prior to setting your treatment appointment.

Special care and skills are required to achieve great results when working on ethnic lips. Vilitigo presents its own set of unique challenges – be sure to do thorough homework to prevent disappointment.

The Procedure:

An in-depth consultation precedes every procedure, during which the lip shape, skin and lip colour tones and face shape will be assessed.  Based on your requirements and taking your personality into account, I will use advanced artistic skills to design an elegant, complimentary lip enhancement.  Once you have approved the pencil design, we will then carefully place the pigment colours with extreme accuracy, commencing with the lip contour.  We use state-of-the-art precision equipment and pigments.  Highly effective numbing agents are applied prior to and during the procedure to ensure your comfort throughout the treatment, which may take anywhere from 2 to 3 hours to complete.

Finally, you may choose between a high definition crisp edge or a soft contoured finish to your lips.


An aftercare gift bag containing healing balm to be applied for 7 – 10 days post-procedure and important instructions are handed to each client at conclusion of the appointment.  Finally, your follow-up perfection visit will be scheduled for 6 weeks later to ensure you receive your dream lip result.  High factor sun protection of the lips is vital for enhanced life expectancy.


Anyone who suffers with fever blisters will require a GP script for a course anti-viral medication to be commenced 2 days prior, in order to prevent a severe outbreak.  For clients who experience abnormally high allergic reactions, we recommend a patch test at least 10 days prior to the appointment date.

While this is a really gentle treatment and there is no ‘down time’ as such, normal swelling may occur, which is effectively managed with the application of ice-packs for the initial 24 to 48 hours.

Longevity and Colour Boost:

After the 6-week refinement, lifestyle dependent, you can expect anywhere from 3 to 5 years of carefree wear.   A colour boost may however be performed to refresh the colour at any time you feel your lips have become dull.

Please let us know any questions you may have.



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Disclaimer:   These pigments are exclusively for professional use.  Allergy testing is always recommended prior to application. By purchasing the PermaBlend pigment range, you accept that this product is used at own risk. Store out of direct sunlight in a cool, dark, dry location. These pigments may not be used on any clients who may be pregnant or nursing.

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